Your Rights and Responsibilities

We are here to help you, but to do this we sometimes need your assistance. Here we explain the ways in which you can help the surgery provide a better service for all patients.

  • Patient Health: Patients should respect their health and therefore seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimise their health risks.
  • Patient conduct: Patients should value the members of the practice team as professional advisers. This includes extending the same courtesy and politeness as they would expect to receive.
  • No Smoking: We are committed to a policy of promoting good health and preventing disease. There should be no smoking on the premises to ensure a smoke-free environment.
  • Repeat prescriptions: Requests for repeat prescriptions take 2 working days and should be made in good time to avoid unnecessary delay in treatment. Requests should be made using the computer-generated right side of your prescription or alternatively a request may be made in writing to the surgery. For safety reasons, requests for repeat medication will not be taken over the telephone however they can be requested via our website.
  • Help and advice: Requests for help or advice for non urgent conditions should be made within normal surgery opening hours. The out-of-hours service operated by NHS 111 should only be used in the case of urgent medical conditions and not for routine problems or enquiries.
  • Appointment attendance: The patient should do everything possible to keep appointments. The surgery should be notified as soon as possible if you are unable to attend so that the appointment can be given to another patient. Failing to turn up for appointments without notifying the surgery in advance could stop possible urgent cases from receiving earlier medical attention.
  • Patient privacy: Whilst privacy is respected by all staff, it would be helpful if patients would indicate the nature of the appointment ie blood tests, vaccinations, smears, etc so that we can advise on the best member of the team to consult.
  • Home Visits: Home visits should be regarded as a service for the genuinely housebound or seriously ill. They are timeconsuming and their misuse would disadvantage those in genuine need.
  • New patients: If you are a new patient please be ready to tell us details of your past medical history, including illnesses, medication, hospital admissions and other relevant details. Make sure you have registered all members of your household.
  • Moving house: If you move house or are planning to in the near future, you should notify the surgery of your new address as soon as possible. Remember that in case of emergency we may need to contact you urgently.
  • Effective use of resources: We place importance on the effective use of resources, patients found repeatedly failing to attend appointments without prior notification, abusing the home visits or NHS 111 out-of-hours service, or repeatedly phoning in to request repeat prescriptions will have their registration status reviewed.

Turning 16?

You may not be aware but when you turn 16 you become responsible for your own healthcare decisions. This information is for both you and your parent or guardian.

Canbury Medical Centre provides a confidential service to all our patients including under 16’s. You can contact a nurse online or contact a doctor online for advice and specifically request an appointment with a male or female clinician.

Confidentiality means that your consultation and visits to the surgery will not be discussed with anyone apart from you. The only time that information may be shared without consent is when you could be considered a danger to yourself or others.

If you have given proxy access to your parent or guardian to discuss your health, then this will be revoked once you turn 16. If you have been sharing a mobile phone number or email address with a parent or guardian, then those details will be removed from your medical record once you turn 16 and will then be replaced with your own contact details.

Something you may still wish to discuss with your parent or guardian is giving consent for treatment. A lot depends on the seriousness or difficulty of the proposed treatment. Health care professionals would encourage you to include your parent or guardian in any decision making process, however, they will always try to respect your wishes if you do not wish anyone else to be involved.

You may not be aware, but once you turn 16 you will have to start paying for your prescriptions, unless you are in full-time education, pregnant or receiving benefits. Please look at our website for prescriptions advice and how to register to order repeat medications online.

We offer a full range of sexual health services and all contraception including implants. If you need advice or have any questions, please call the practice on 02085 474270.

It is very important that we hold up to date contact details. Please ensure that we have your correct telephone numbers (home and mobile) and have a personal email address for you.

You may be interested in registering for Patient Access online, which will enable you to re-order repeat medication and view parts of your medical records. You may wish to check whether your parents have already registered for this on your behalf.

If you have always had someone order your medication for you, you can still allow this to happen by giving us written consent to allow your parent/guardian to make contact on your behalf with any queries about your medication or health. Your consent can be restricted to just ordering medications only if you choose or they can have access to your health information just as before you turned 16.