Allied Health Professionals

Nurse Practitioners

  • Mrs Simone Knott
    Nurse Practitioner MSc 2011 (Prescribing 2011)

A nurse practitioner is a fully qualified and registered nurse who has taken a further degree course to practice medicine at an advanced level. Their unique combination of years of hands on nursing experience and higher qualifications enable nurse practitioners to treat many illnesses and long-term conditions, both physical and mental.

They can recommend treatment plans for a wide range of acute and chronic diseases and provide appropriate treatment, including the prescribing of medication and where necessary refer patients to specialists and other healthcare professionals, eg physiotherapists, counsellors, and dietitians. They see all patients and specialises in coronary heart disease, asthma and family planning.

First Contact Physiotherapist

Mrs Jehan Yehia works as a first contact physiotherapist


  • Mrs Ysanna (Ysy) Turner
    Practice Nurse RGN
  • Mrs Carolyn Fennell
    Practice Nurse RGN
  • Nurse Caroline Prescott
    Practice Nurse RGN
  • Nurse Megan Lloyd
    Practice Nurse RGN
  • Angie Hannam