Patients have a right to expect that information about them will be held in confidence by their doctor. Whilst we shall continue to presume you are happy for us to share relevant details to those to whom you agree to be referred, we can assure you that private medical information will never be released to non-medical third parties (such as your insurance company), without your signed consent.

If we are asked to provide information about patients we will:

  • Seek their consent to disclosure of information wherever possible, whether or not we judge that patients can be identified from the disclosure.
  • Ensure that the person given access to records will be subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Under 16?

We provide a confidential service to everyone, including under 16 year olds. This means that you can tell others about your visit, but we won’t.

The only reason we might have to consider passing on your confidential information would be to protect you or someone else from serious harm. We would always try to discuss this with you first.

If you do have any worries about confidentiality please feel free to ask a member of staff.