Repeat Prescription Request

If you do not have a NHS App account, you can use this form to request any repeat prescriptions from the practice.

Please allow 2 working days before collecting your prescription.

Please Note

From November 1st 2022. All patient will be able to access part of their medical records via the NHS app. You can read more about this on the NHS Digital website. This means, all patient will have the ability to request their repeat medication via the NHS App or via the NHS App Online.

Given this, from January 1st 2023, we will only be accepting requests for medications that are not visible on the NHS app.

Medications will not be visible on your NHS App if they are listed on your NHS record as ‘Acute Medications’, these include.

  • Medications prescribed by a hospital.
  • New medication and/or dosage or frequency is still under review.
  • Medications you have not had in over one year -these are automatically removed from your repeat list.
  • The medication is listed as a ‘Controlled Drug’.
  • If you need a medication that is listed as a ‘Acute Medication’ or you are requesting on behalf of a child or vulnerable person, you will still be able to request these via our website.
    We would advise all our patient to become familiar with the NHS App or the NHS App Online prior to the end of December so this can be a smooth transition for all involved.
Repeat Prescription Request

Repeat Prescription Request

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